Dedicated to applying developments in Science including Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity to support and add value.

We show individuals how to  ENJOY LEARNING TO LEARN, overcome difficulties meaningfully, and apply evaluative 'Lessons Learned Procedures' that empower one to LOOK FORWARD TO NEW CHALLENGES - adding value and having value for oneself and others.

Learning how to grow through experiences, evaluate and strategise effectively helpsincrease emotional intelligence, self-regulation and emotional resilience.

We empower individuals through improving learning techniques, communication skills, building self-esteem and achieving academic growth and excellence such that the greatest reward is an increased ability to add value. 


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Contact us for tailored learning solutions with strategies to design and implement an effective personal development plan through strategized, effective and joyful learning.

We provide the tools to empower you:

  • Conceive your goals
  • Believe in yourself
  • Achieve your potential 

Helping individuals focus on adding value and achieving growth in their life and the lives of others instead of simply aiming to gain short term reward. The focus  is on Learning, Self- Development and reduction of Stress resulting in increased outcome based on re-programming of thought, speech and action.


Happier, more confident students

Individuals prepared for the next challenge

Individuals are empowered to achieve ACADEMIC, PROFESSIONAL  OR PERSONAL GOALS with the Ultimate Achievements Academy:  an Educational Consultancy founded by Mrs. Jer RamMohan and Dr. K.K.Karishma (PhD, University of Cambridge, MSc) where  educational and professional  achievement complements  personal development through dedicated, strategised, effective and joyful mentoring and tutoring.

We build on the mentoring methods of the best academic and corporate institutions including the University of Cambridge where we have taught some of our courses. We believe strongly in the individuals we empower and  excel in providing specialized coaching and mentoring for Academic Achievement, Professional Success and Personal Development through working smart not just hard. 

Our focussed "Achievements - Leadership, Learning and Development Master-class"  and the Cognitive Holistic Intellectual Learning and Development (C.H.I.L.D) programme are conducted at appropriate levels for the empowerment of executives, educators and academics. These train individuals  to learn how to learn  thus providing learning skills for life through neuroawareness and metacognition, while demonstrating methods to enable them to think and communicate logically with confidence in their facts and themselves.

Our Leadership program provides the path: taking individuals to Organisational Leadership through self-leadership. We serve to develop intellectual leaders who go on to excel and contribute effectively to the Society.

Advantages of our courses

  • LEARNING TO BE YOUR BEST - excellent courses in Learning techniques and mind-mapping.
  • Self improvement and success in exams, board meetings, professional interactions
  • Self-esteem based on improved rapidity of information processing and performance.
  • More efficient communication skills and a  convincing personality
  • Understand how stress is generated, how it affects learning and performance and how to manage stress effectively and achieve personal development
  • Appreciate how areas ofthe brain contribute to Executive skills and how to tap into them

Empowerment by Knowledge and Performance Improvement

Our motto: Knowledge is Power, Learning is Invaluable, Training adds value



1. BMAT, UKCAT, GMAT, GRE, LNAT, GAMSAT entrance exam training. Focus on Learning techniques,  analytical thinking, analysis and problem solving skills, examination techniques and study skills.

2. Professional private tuition for GCSE Science and Mathematics, A level Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and University Courses: Medicine, Veterinary Science, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Natural Science, Biochemistry, Biomedical science. Improved grades with enjoyment and appreciation due to excellent revision techniques, mapping techniques etc. Learning how to learn effectively with a patient personal tutor.

3.Personal Statements

4. Communication Skills

5 Interview training for success in interviews

6. Achievement Master-classes: Examination Techniques, Revision methods and Learning skills (learning to learn) coaching, Energy harnessing, Success Programs, Meta-Cognition, daily Academic Discipline, Memory techniques, Cognitive strategy and self-instruction, Goal setting and landmarking, focus, concentration and attention control, Building Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem, Consolidation and Re-consolidation strategies, mapping, note-making, critical thinking, mindfulness, meta-learning (learning how to learn) and revision strategies. Effective communication styles. Coursework skills, Writing Personal Statements, Anger Management, Stress Management, Time Management., Presentation skills.

7. Scholarship exam training

8. Speed reading and writing with Meta-cognition course

9. Good handwriting training


Cognitive Holistic Intellectual Learning and  Development (C.H.I.L.D) programme

This programme uses the fundamentals of the Meta-Cognitive Learning and Self Development methods, Learning techniques, exam/test preparation strategy and regulation of the stress, emotional intelligence, personal development and self-discipline methods of the Achievements training (including breathing regulation methods to regulate the stress based pathways and the building of self-esteem. It then builds upon these using training in Cognitive reasoning, Logic, Problem solving, verbal and written communication skills (oracy, literacy), numeracy skills, clarity of thinking, analytical reasoning and then communication of ideas and processes based upon fact and logic. We run this programme for executives and students at different levels.



We train Teachers , Parents and Coaches in effective methods of imparting Metacognitive skills to students. Meta-cognition is receiving increasing focus in the context of student education.

We provide effective skills to Trainers in Organizations to empower them to deliver professional education.



1. Leadership coaching, Communication skills

2. Executive Presentation Skills

3. Analysis and Problem solving objectively without stress

4.Executive-Achievement Master-class 

Learn Executive Skills (Neuro-cognitive) skills: Self Learning skills (learning how to learn) Coaching, Empowerment of others through Meta-cognition training, Professional Development, Energy harnessing, Success Programs, Critical thinking and problem solving, Meta-Cognition (including meta memory, meta-comprehension and  self-regulation), daily discipline, Memory techniques, Cognitive strategy and cognitive strategy self-instruction, Goal setting and land-marking, focus, concentration and attention control, Consolidation and Re-consolidation strategies, mapping, note-making, critical thinking, presentation skills, effective multi-tasking,  mindfulness, re-programming the learning to learn process for effective board-room learning.

5. Public speaking and debating techniques.

6. Persuasion and effective discussion skills

7. Time Management and Organizational skills

8.Anger Management, Self Control, Stress reduction and professional management

9.Interview training for professionals seeking jobs.

10. Execu-Read - the powerful Speed reading and Mapping course. Learning and memory skills for professional advancement.


1.Personality and confidence training for Performance enhancement

2. Coaching for building Self-Esteem, Focus, Concentration and Self-Confidence

3. Motivation coaching for Success in Life

4. Time Management, Anger Management  and Organizational skills

5. Parent Coaching for success of both the child and parent. 

6. Life Coaching for Adults, Teenagers and Children

7. Etiquette coaching for effective social success

8. Effective Communication and Presentation skills


Every individual will have the opportunity to learn a range of learning skills, performance techniques and evaluation skills  to complement the fundamentals. Our training methods ensure that individual students get the attention and continued support as necessary.

We invite you to learn more about our philosophy for preparing individuals for success which empowers students to improve their grades while improving study skills, revision methods and  exam techniques.

Some of our beliefs:

Failure is the stepping stone to success.

Past is history, future is a mystery, the present is a gift; so live in the now and make the future brilliant with efforts put in NOW.

Work smart not just hard.


 “My daughter was rewarded with very high grades with the help of Dr. Karishma’s guidance. She was able to realise her dream of pursuing a course in medicine at University College London. We have been recommending Dr.Karishma to all our friends as we feel that other children should benefit from her wonderful talent of transforming children to realise their academic goals. ... a famous Orthopaedic Surgeon, who himself teaches medical students, was full of praise for the teaching techniques of Dr. Karishma. She not only teaches subjects but life skills.” Dr. and Mrs. Prasad"

Dr Karishma and Mrs RamMohan are a very experienced, dedicated and professional team who have worked seamlessly to bring out the best out of my sons, academically and as individuals. They have been highly motivational, taught them the appropriate study techniques to overcome their severe dyslexic learning difficulties and developed strategies that best suited each of them. Dr Karishma taught them their subjects in a very methodical and positive manner by bringing out their strengths and helping them to overcome their shortcomings. She had an excellent understanding of exam prep and techniques , being a Cambridge scholar herself and she was very committed to getting the best results for my sons despite their learning issues. She kept a detailed record of every lesson which was great for us as parents, to know what was being taught , what marks they got in tests at each lesson and how they performed in their earlier homework assignments. I have no hesitation in recommending them as the best tutor team for my sons and wish them every success in future. " Mr. P. Panthakee

I studied with Dr. Karishma from September 2016 to May 2017. Dr. Karishma had to correct all of my previous tutor’s damage and re-teach me the A-level course, as well as helping me retake my AS papers. This resulted in my chemistry A-level grade changing from a C to an A. .. Dr. Karishma also helped me with my biology A level retake which transformed my B to an A* grade.During my time with ‘Ultimate Achievements Academy’, I undertook a compulsory development masterclass which encompassed stress-reduction, breathing exercise and learning techniques. These exercises helped me immensely with building my self-esteem and confidence. These also helped me to effectively apply my knowledge during my exams, by methodically and strategically organising my thoughts without the worry of mind blocks. ..I used to suffer from anxiety, sickness and extreme stress before exams; however, this is no longer the case. By learning the breathing exercises, my focus, concentration and confidence has since and continues to improve massively. Having a tutor like Dr. Karishma who had faith and belief in me, allowed me to achieve the grade that I needed. I also gained the confidence to be able to do university interviews, which secured my place on Bachelor of Veterinary medicine programme at the number one vet school in the world: The Royal veterinary College. I accomplished many achievements in the year that I spent learning with Dr. Karishma and Mrs. RamMohan, the mental-training protocols which I undertook allowed me to succeed in my learning and turn stress into excitement and confidence. I am certain that without having Dr. Karishma by my side I would never have achieved my dream of studying to become a Vet.My parents have constantly praised Dr. Karishma and Mrs. RamMohan for all the help and confidence that they have given me. They too are eternally grateful for how they transformed my ability to enter exams without the sleepless nights and stress. It has had an overall positive effect on the whole family. I would highly recommend Dr. Karishma and Mrs. RamMohan to anyone and everyone. Their work truly highlights everything and more that a tutor should provide. A. Mura.


Achieve your goals, Personal Development

Our tailored focus on academic, personal and professional achievements and the holistic development of an individual means that every one is empowered to achieve one's highest potential.