Medical science affairs and Medical Science Liaison

We train members of the Medical Affairs teams of Pharmaceutical companies including managers and Medical Science Liaison representatives to increase the ease of achieving a high level of performance to work effectively as a link between the Medical Community and the Pharmaceutical Industry and the scientific community.  Medical Science Affairs team members need to combine skills in management, decision making, critical thinking, objectivity 

To excel in their multifaceted role we offer a multi-streamed training programme in developing competency, emotional intelligence and self-confidence.



This program is geared to increasing the effectiveness with which the expertise in the scientific and clinical fields can be gained with the ever increasing advances in both. 

Managing key thought leader relationships together with analysing data and creating effective reports together with identifying and managing research and educational agenda is a demanding line of work which we support through our workshops and one-to-one sessions. 

To be truly effective managers need an extremely effective learning strategy to extract information from a wide number of resources -  scientific publications, NICE and NHS guidelines and multiple other sources. 

Objectively weighing up information and analysing data is a skill we particularly hone. We excel at catalysing the changes that are needed to bring habits in line with ambitions, so as to enable individuals to succeed in their goals. 

Medical Affairs representatives need to be effective as individuals and balance this with being positive contributors to their teams. We help each representative build their own strengths and confidence together with trust in their team so as to facilitate information and knowledge sharing. This is key to the success of the company.

Building trust is key to the functioning of this team, therefore the sharing of information needs to be balanced with issues of confidentiality in intellectual property. Knowing when to draw the line with confidence and respect is a highly valued skill which we help develop. 

Some of the roles within Medical affairs that we are able to with are:

Medical Affairs Manager

Medical manager

Medical advisor

Medical Information Officer

Medical Science Liaison



An MSL is a key member of the team of the Medical Affairs department. Credibility is as important as knowledge so as to build the links between external stakeholders, clinicians and the pharmaceutical industry. Good MSLs develop clear objective insights to inform business strategy for product development and market access and manage stress levels effectively at all times. Our training enables the building of these critical skills among others to equip each MSL on their journey to excellence.

We train key features including the gathering of data, its analysis, and the adaptability required for this critical role. Companies are investing heavily into building strong MSL teams given that they are critical to the success of the company and the fraction of the market they can capture based on merit. 

Courses include training for interviews to obtain the position

and training for those already in the role

Our training programs on a one-to-one basis or in groups aim to hone the four main streams of the development these individuals need on a daily basis.

1. Analysing multiple streams of scientific and medical information

2. Hard skills including Process Management

3. Soft skills including interpersonal communication, effective presentation skills, proactive listening. These are effective for asking relevant questions and extracting data from conversations and discussions in a more formal setting (conferences, congresses, symposia). An important skill we stress early on in training is effective communication based on knowing the facts along with a clear understanding of one's own role and limits of sharing of information, so that it builds trust and dependability. 

4. Emotional Intelligence to increase objectivity and empathy

To this effect, we work along the lines of Meta-cognitive learning. 

Interview training for Medical Science Liaison positions

The process of selection can be very intense as befits the significance of the role. Therefore, our training addresses each level of the interview process targeting the skills that employers are looking for. These include analytical reasoning skills, specificity of communication, managing stress, understanding the role well and being able to express this clearly.