Dr. Karishma and Mrs. Ram-Mohan mentor individuals through a fact-based process of strategizing an effective development plan.  The outcome is a confident individual full of self-esteem, perfectly poised  to add value to the family, team and Organisation. 

The process involves applying principles from Neuroscience effectively to manage stress and regulate the responses of the Sympathetic Nervous System to external and internal triggers. It is aimed at empowering individuals to think clearly, process and analyse information, communicate effectively, develop into reasonably firm rational individuals who are comfortable with their own development and confident in themselves while respecting those around them. 





Learning and 


C.H.I.L.D programme : Cognitive Holistic Intellectual Learning and Development : This programme uses the fundamentals of the Meta-Cognitive Learning and Self Development methods, Learning techniques, exam/test preparation strategy and regulation of the stress, emotional intelligence, personal development and self-discipline methods of the Achievements training (including breathing regulation methods to regulate the stress based pathways and the building of self-esteem. It then builds upon these using training in Cognitive reasoning, Logic, Problem solving, verbal and written communication skills, oracy, literacy and numeracy skills, clarity of thinking, analytical reasoning and then communication of ideas and processes based upon fact and logic. We run this programme for executives and students at different levels.

Some of our other courses:                                       

1. Personality and confidence training for individuals towards Performance enhancement. 

2. Coaching for building Self-Esteem, Focus, Concentration and Self-Confidence

3. Motivation coaching for Success in Life

4. Time Management and Organizational skills

5. Parent Coaching for success of both the child and parent.

6. Life Coaching for Adults, Teenagers and Children

7. Etiquette coaching for effective social success

8. Effective Communication and Presentation skills

9. Personal Development and Personality training for individuals

The Personality Development Program is based on developing the feelings of Self worth and Self esteem. It is based on identifying strengths and gaining knowledge. We believe in 'Being what one believes in' therefore 'being the change' one desires in Society.

Some of the skills we impart:

Personal reflection



UnderstandingExecutive brain function

Identifying aspirations and fulfilling them


Workable Personal Development Plans (PDPs)


Problem solving and designing strategies successfully are very important parst of personal development. We tap into this effectively and design a series of tasks to measureably improve self-confidence and self-esteem. 



Create a step-by-step Personal Development Plan that is geared towards the successful fulfilment of your goals.

Learn how to:

Compete with yourself

Identify and break through emotional challenges and mental blocks to achieve goals.

Our focus is on catalysing performance enhancement.

Avoiding feelings of anxiety and knowing what do when anxiety strikes so that one grows through each event. 

Taking potentially stressful situations as opportunities.

We help you to empower yourself and add value to the lives of those around you by acquainting you with the current understanding of the brain and nervous system.