Feedback from Students

Dr. and Mrs Prasad: ''Dr. Koka Kavita Karishma was introduced to us by a family friend when my wife and myself were looking desperately for a personal tutor for our daughter. She has not only tutored our daughter but has been a great inspiration to her. We are very grateful for the excellent methods of teaching which she embraces. These are akin to the methods of the ‘GURUKUL’ system of India, in which the teacher looks after the pupil as a friend, philosopher and a parent. I realised she gives great importance not only to academics but also to all round development. Dr.Karishma was very particular that the parents too should be deeply involved in the intellectual journey of their children. Our daughter not only mastered the subjects, but also became proficient in self-discipline, time management and efficient planning under the dynamic tutelage of Dr.Karishma. It was a joy to behold our daughter blossoming into a confident, purposeful, ambitious and successful individual, with Dr.Karishma’s guidance. Our daughter was very comfortable confiding her difficulties in Dr.Karishma, due to the amazing rapport that was established by her.

My daughter was rewarded with very high grades with the help of Dr.Karishma’s guidance. She was able to realise her dream of pursuing a course in medicine at University College London. We have been recommending Dr.Karishma to all our friends as we feel that other children should benefit from her wonderful talent of transforming children to realise their academic goals. We had arranged
for Dr.Karishma to tutor a friend’s son. We were particularly touched, when this friend a famous Orthopaedic Surgeon, who himself teaches medical students, was full of praise for the teaching techniques of Dr.Karishma. She not only teaches subjects but life skills.''

A. Mura: A level student 

I studied with Dr. Karishma from September 2016 to May 2017. Prior to studying with Dr. Karishma, I had the unfortunate experience of having a tutor who diminished my confidence. During this period, I did not complete the syllabus, directly read from a textbook and was provided no exam preparation. Dr. Karishma had to correct all of my previous tutor’s damage and re-teach me the A-level course, as well as helping me retake my AS papers. This resulted in my chemistry A-level grade changing from a C to an A. Separate to this, Dr. Karishma also helped me with my biology A level retake which transformed my B to an A* grade.
During my time with ‘Ultimate Achievements Academy’, I undertook a compulsory development masterclass which encompassed stress-reduction, breathing exercise and learning techniques. These exercises helped me immensely with building my self-esteem and confidence. These also helped me to effectively apply my knowledge during my exams, by methodically and strategically organising my thoughts without the worry of mind blocks.  I used to suffer from anxiety, sickness and extreme stress before exams; however, this is no longer the case. By learning the breathing exercises, my focus, concentration and confidence has since and continues to improve massively. Dr. Karishma’s strict teaching regime leaves no room for error. Dr. Karishma perfectly balanced teaching me the course by using the textbook, her own examples, exam questions and further broadened my understanding by questioning me harder questions beyond my syllabus. This gave me all of the exam preparation I would need to confidently answer all of the questions. I was constantly asked to revise previous topics from the start, and to build on this knowledge, as opposed to ‘moving on’ and ‘picking them back up’ closer to exams. I responded well to metacognitive learning and mapping out the questions, techniques all taught by Dr. Karishma. These approaches constantly improved my exam technique and allowed me to be as prepared as I could possibly be for exams. I lacked a lot of confidence in myself, and unfortunately was constantly told by other teachers that I wasn’t good enough to study what I wanted to. Having a tutor like Dr. Karishma who had faith and belief in me, allowed me to achieve the grade that I needed. I also gained the confidence to be able to do university interviews, which secured my place on Bachelor of Veterinary medicine programme at the number one vet school in the world: The Royal veterinary College. I accomplished many achievements in the year that I spent learning with Dr. Karishma and Mrs. RamMohan, the mental-training protocols which I undertook allowed me to succeed in my learning and turn stress into excitement and confidence. I am certain that without having Dr. Karishma by my side I would never have achieved my dream of studying to become a Vet.
My parents have constantly praised Dr. Karishma and Mrs. RamMohan for all the help and confidence that they have given me. They too are eternally grateful for how they transformed my ability to enter exams without the sleepless nights and stress. It has had an overall positive effect on the whole family. I would highly recommend Dr. Karishma and Mrs. RamMohan to anyone and everyone. Their work truly highlights everything and more that a tutor should provide. I am beyond thankful for all that Dr. Karishma has done for me and will certainly be thanking her on graduation day!
My confidence continues to grow throughout my degree learning and I still do not get the same stress and anxiety going into my exams. Therefore, I do feel that everything that I learnt with the ultimate achievements academy has been carried into my studies at university. The approach to constantly revisiting topics, testing my knowledge, ability to pace myself, focusing on reading accurately, and revisiting what I have written in exams, and self-evaluation are all things that I continue to do in order to allow myself the focus to successfully use my time to its full ability when studying. The breathing and learning techniques are used regularly in order to be able to clear my head and focus my time effectively.

C.A.Seager: ''I found our lessons extremely helpful, both for my confidence in studying and being able to make concise notes. These skills I have carried through from A - Levels to university. I am now able to take the most important information from a large section of text, previous to our lessons I would essentially copy and paste from a textbook into my notes. I really enjoyed my lessons, I felt very welcomed and free to ask questions. The best thing I have gained from our lessons is that learning is enjoyable and pushing myself academically is something that I am aiming towards. ''

Mr. P Panthakee"Dr Karishma and Mrs RamMohan are a very experienced, dedicated and professional team who have worked seamlessly to bring out the best out of my sons, academically and as individuals. They have been  highly motivational, taught them the appropriate study techniques to overcome their severe dyslexic learning difficulties and developed strategies that best suited each of them. Dr Karishma taught them their  subjects in a very methodical and positive manner by bringing out their strengths and helping them to overcome their shortcomings. She had an excellent understanding of exam prep and techniques , being a Cambridge scholar herself and she was very committed to getting  the best results for my sons despite their learning issues. She kept a detailed record of every lesson which was great for us as parents, to know what was being taught , what marks they got in tests at each lesson and how they performed in their earlier homework assignments. I have no hesitation in recommending them as the best tutor team for my sons and wish them every success in future. "