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We continue the effective strategized Metacognitive approach developed by us over the years including at the University of Cambridge -  to support, guide and help students tap into their unlimited potential. We focus on empowering the student. Students are guided  to enjoy improving Learning skills and Exam Techniques and gain happiness from well strategized, relaxed, focussed, effective and joyful academic work. The student and the Parents are free to ask questions and have discussions thus building communication and evaluation sharing. Attention is given in each lesson to marks-schemes and the specification in addition to making good clear notes geared to improved exam technique. Excellent teaching method and mind-mapping are coupled with effective encouragement, kind specific suggestions, clear explanation, focussed target setting and evaluation  for regular improvement. Focus is on an individualised flexible approach to the specific issues the student has so that confidence is built with each session in a real and well evaluated manner. Students and Parents are involved in creating an effective strategy as they are part of the team. Communication is encouraged so that stress is decreased in the student and the family. They are encouraged to ask questions and have discussions as needed. Having helped students of all backgrounds gain entry in top Universities around the World, I have 21 years experience mentoring students to get As and A-stars. We have together converted Us to As and A stars. I focus on what the student needs in a flexible way to help improve Exam Techniques,  Study techniques, Mindfulness, awareness training and efficient revision techniques. With my extensive experience helping students of varied abilities including Dyslexia, ADHD etc. Students are guided with patience and a focus on their strengths so as to eliminate weaknesses and build self-esteem.
I work along side the student demonstrating schematic labelled diagrams, flow charts, explaining, discussing and encouraging the student to ask questions to help the student understand the topic and apply the knowledge to the conceptual questions in the new Linear A levels and updated GCSEs. With a specific focus on Mark schemes required by the examining board, students learn from the very first lesson what is expected of them in order to achieve top grades and enjoy learning.