Intensive revision courses for GCSE, A levels and University exams.

Subjects covered at School level

  1. GCSE: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics.
  2. A level: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics

Experienced and patient  motivational tutor who has a PhD from the University of Cambridge with 20 years experience teaching Medics, Vets, NatScis, A level and GCSE students. 

One to one tutorials/tuitions in person or over the internet (Skype, WhatsApp) to focus on areas of individual need to improve learning techniques, revision skills and exam preparation to help achieve top grades in the Sciences and Mathematics and Professional exams. 

Group tutorials or one to one sessions are offered.

Discussion based learning benefits university students who can benefit from the Oxbridge style supervision system, upon which our training is based.


Intensive revision courses start on 20 April 2018

Subjects covered for University

  1. Biochemistry
  2. Chemistry
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Pharmacology
  5. Medicine - cell biology, Neuroscience, Endocrinology

The focus of the training provided by us is to empower every student to fulfil their potential such that they achieve improved performance in exams with an increased understanding of the content. We offer intensive half term and end of year 6 week or 8 week revision courses where the whole course is covered or weekly one to one or group sessions focussing on the areas that the student prioritises. Our method focusses on exam technique and mark scheme based learning with keywords selected to match the requirements of the specific board - OCR, Edexel, AQA, CIE appropriately. Our expert tuition in Higher Order Cognitive Reasoning together with focussed Metacognition and metamemory results in improved grades and a sense of achievement in every student. While improving Academic gradeswe are very innovative in the way we present the information, thus making achieving top grades an enjoyable and rewarding process.

We work to improve understanding Core information together with the application of knowledge to  innovative complex questions, while training students with efficient revision techniques to predict mark scheme keyphrases. Exams are therefore an enjoyable experience for our students since we train every student in managing and reducing exam stress and nervousness.  

Why choose to study with us:

Our students achieve excellent results

We have had students achieve As after coming to us initially with a U - that is an improvement of 5 grades

Many students improve their results by two grades

We generate a sense of enjoyment in our students while empowering them with effective study skills, revision techniques, metacognitive strategies, and exam techniques - the perfect set of skills for all students at any age.

We have positive feedback from both students and Parents who rate us better than any other institution they have experienced.

The education and executive coaching consultancy promoting excellence through Learning Skills for Personal Growth and Development, Academic Success and Professional achievement. Individual and group training courses are provided in London and over the internet. We design strategic learning solutions based on applied neurocognitive methods for facilitate achieving top grades while enjoying the opportunity of enjoying exams that excellent exam technique training ensures.

Intensive revision sessions also help professionals achieve higher performance in their careers through enhanced professional ability and the resulting confidence that stems from intensive revision of core material before professional exams and presentations. Through improved learning techniques  and individualised strategies our executive intensive revision helps achieve excellent communication skills, improved performance in exams, stress management, increased confidence and self-esteem. The focus is on reading and learning  techniques, summarising skills, exam technique based on the scientific understanding of the Neuroscience for Learning and Development, thus achieving improved grades.