Our courses in communication and public speaking empower individuals to communicate effectively with confidence for interviews, board meetings, interactions at work, address public gatherings, ensuring that what they are trying to communicate is what is perceived.

The unique feature of our courses is that it is based on acknowledging that effective communication and discussing requires good neurocognitive skills particularly clarity of thinking, increased awareness and stress management together with excellent analysis/understanding of information and being perceptive to but not unduly influenced by the opposing idea. Finally good communication necessitates respect for the audience together with self-confidence and belief in the accuracy of the facts one is presenting. We focus on all these aspects.

 C.H.I.L.D programme : Cognitive Holistic Intellectual Learning and Development : This programme uses the fundamentals of the Meta-Cognitive Learning and Self Development methods, Learning techniques, exam/test preparation strategy, regulation of the stress pathways, emotional intelligence, personal development and self-discipline methods of the Achievements training (including breathing regulation methods to regulate the stress based pathways and the building of self-esteem). It then builds upon these using training in Cognitive reasoning, Logic, Problem solving, oracy, literacy and numeracy skills, clarity of thinking, analytical reasoning and then communication of ideas and processes based upon fact and logic. We run this programme for executives and students at different levels.

Advantages of our courses:
Achieving a high level of confidence and self-esteem
Excellent analysis of information quickly
Understanding the opposing points of view with clarity
Evaluating ones own thoughts and that of the others in a meeting
Speaking clearly with good diction
Keeping stress levels low while portraying a calm collected mind-set
Being empathetic and understanding of the thought process of the audience
Adding value to the team/corporate institution thereby benefiting all
improving all transferable skills simultaneously
Being perceptive to the information from the group
Developing an effective communication style that is genuine and effective
Being able to mentally mind-map multiple streams of information simultaneously - thus coming across as capable and confident
Assuming leadership roles automatically motivating others and building consensus
Learning how to ask the right questions and move towards a winning position
Interact effectively drawing out the best from the other person/people around
Thinking with clarity in stressful situations and retaining the ability to lead the discussion
Role-play sessions that prepare you for different situations
Identifying assumptions and rigid thinking in oneself both during and after the event and being able to use feedback modulation after the event to achieve a better performance the next time
honing the way one says what one wants to say so that it is both genuine and effective
Think the way you want to - proactively - not just reactively
Communicate at meetings so as to earn respect
Learn how not to feel nervous
Plenty of practice before an important interview/meeting
We run both individual one-to-one communications skills training courses or public communication skills training courses. Our communication also focusses on better use of grammar and powerful presentation techniques to actually be remembered and influence effectively