Private tutoring aimed at achieving academic excellence and improved grades. In the long term personal tutoring one-to-one or in groups results in overall academic achievement in all subjects and develops a confident persuasive personality for success in interviews.

1. Professional private tuition for GCSE and A level and University Courses towards Academic achievement is provided through Mentoring. (many students apply as external candicates, since they do not go to school). GCSE and A level Science personal tutor has turned U grades into As.



GCSE Biology


GCSE Chemistry

Veterinary Science

GCSE Physics




A level Biology


A level Chemistry


A level Physics

Molecular Biology

2. BMAT, UKCAT, GAMSAT entrance exam training by a mentor with 16 years experience training students for successful application to Medical, Veterinary Courses,  Dentistry, Pharmacy, Natural Sciences and other professional courses at University. 

3. Writing Personal Statements to ensure that students are called to Interview

4. Interview training to help get students into the  University of their choice.

5. 11+ and Scholarship exam training.ACADEMIC MENTORING               

1. BMAT, UKCAT, GMAT, GRE, LNAT, GAMSAT entrance exam training. Focus on Learning techniques,  analytical thinking, analysis and problem solving skills, examination techniques and study skills. 

2. Professional private tuition for GCSE Science and Mathematics, A level Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and University Courses: Medicine, Veterinary Science, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Natural Science, Biochemistry, Biomedical science. Improved grades with enjoyment and appreciation due to excellent revision techniques, mapping techniques etc. Learning how to learn effectively with a patient personal tutor. 

3.Personal Statements

4. Communication Skills

5 Interview training for success in interviews

6. Achievement Master-classes: Examination Techniques, Revision methods and Learning skills (learning to learn) coaching, Energy harnessing, Success Programs, Meta-Cognition, (including meta-memory, meta comprehension and  self-regulation) daily Academic Discipline, Memory techniques, Cognitive strategy and cognitive strategy self-instruction, Goal setting and landmarking, focus, concentration and attention control, Building Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem, Consolidation and Re-consolidation strategies, mapping, note-making, critical thinking, mindfulness, meta-learning (learning how to learn) and revision strategies. Effective communication styles. Coursework skills, Writing Personal Statements, Anger Management, Stress Management, Time Management., Presentation skills.

7. Scholarship exam training

8. Speed reading and writing with Meta-cognition course

9. Good handwriting training



ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS in all subjects with the Achievements training Master-class which is based on Academic and Intellectual discipline and is aimed at increasing the capacity for learning and efficiency of achieving excellent results. The mentoring techniques promote focus and concentration.

Students are given advanced mentoring with a focus to becoming skilled at 

a. Daily discipline

b. Self Awareness and Energy harnessing for increased efficiency and self-confidence.

c. Exam techniques for application to the following types of questions:

                 1. Knowledge based
                 2. Application of knowledge
                 3. Data and graph analysis
                 4. Verbal reasoning
                 5. Quantitative skills
                 6. Mapping and speed reading

d. Techniques including breathing exercises for increased focus and concentration 

e. Revision skills and revision strategies for the term and year.

f. Meta-cognition techniques

h.Note making, Mind-mapping skills

i. Memory enhancement skills, memorizing techniques, consolidation and re-consolidation methods


 For personalized discussion about the students strengths and needs contact us

  CONTACTS:      020 8346 9760   



Student and Parent testimonials and evaluation prove that we have one of the best educational establishments in the UK.

Personal tutoring is provided at the level of the mentoring and supervisions conducted at the University of Cambridge, by Dr. Karishma who is a Neuroscientist  with a PhD from the University of Cambridge and a focus on learning and memory. This is under the supervision of the Director Mrs. RamMohan. They have taught Medical, Veterinary and Natural Science students while at the University of Cambridge and now have 60 years joint expertise in guiding students of varied ages and capabilities towards academic success.


Achievement Masterclasses are conducted by the Director Mrs. RamMohan and by Dr. Karishma. These were started while at the University of Cambridge. With a focus on self awareness, study methods, Learning techniques, revision skills, programs for success, Meta Cognition, and Exam Techniques, the course has  helped students of the following courses: Medical, Veterinary, MBA, Natural Science, Engineering, A Level, GCSE. 


We believe that each individual has great potential and creativity. With correct mentoring and smart working practice one can achieve one's future goal with ease. Hence a personal tutor is provided who mentors the student towards achieving improved grades through efficient learning techniques and  exam training.


Our focus over the past 15 years has been to help students achieve their potential and the highest marks possible, while they enjoy learning and developing their learning skills. Most of our students achieve A* and A grades. We have also helped several students who have come to us after failing (U grade) towards achieving B and A grades. Thus we have empowered students of all ages to achieve their optimal potential and academic excellence. Academic support is provided for dyslexic students and those with learning difficulties. There have been several cases of students who have improved their grades and achieved As and A*s  in the A - levels after our lessons, despite having only Ds and Cs the previous year before beginning study skills lessons with us. Our Achievement training and Exam Techniques course is particularly beneficial to improve grades. Our University students achieve Firsts and II-1 on average. This has highlighted the benefits of correct guidance combined with their own dedicated and now effective efforts. Personal tuition with a focus on study skills, revision methods and exam techniques also develops the student's all round personality and character through positive motivation and regular measurement of success, ensuring optimal performance in interviews. A feedback system is established between the coach, the student and the Parents, in order to achieve Academic success. 


One to one Tutoring and Mentoring in Finchley Central, London for Learning and Development and improved grades. Focus on Exam techniques, revision skills, revision strategies for improved results.
Easter Revision Courses - booking Open
A few spaces left on the Half term revision course, Exam techniques and revision skills courses.
GCSE: Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
A level: Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
University Courses: Medicine, Veterinary Science, Natural Science, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacy.