Our focus over the past 15 years has been to help students achieve their potential and the highest marks possible, while they enjoyed learning and developing their skills. Most of our students achieve A* and A grades. We have also helped several students who have come to us after failing (U grade) towards achieving B and A grades. Thus we have empowered students of all ages to achieve their optimum potential. There have been several cases of students who have scored A's and A**s after our mentoring, despite having had only D(s) and U(s) the previous year before coming to us. This has highlighted the benefits of correct guidance combined with their own dedicated and now effective efforts. Training also develops a student's all round personality and character through positive motivation and regular measurement of success, ensuring excellent performance at interviews. A regular feedback system is established between the Mentor, the student and the Parents, in order to achieve maximum success.

Our aim:
To empower individuals to achieve excellence by providing training in:
Master Classes in
Learning Techniques and Examination Skills + Specialised Tutoring in  individual subjects.

Students are given advanced mentoring with a focus to becoming skilled at 

a. Daily discipline

b. Self Awareness and Energy harnessing for increased efficiency and self-confidence.

c. Exam techniques for application to the following types of questions:

                 1. Knowledge based
                 2. Application of knowledge
                 3. Data and graph analysis
                 4. Verbal reasoning
                 5. Quantitative skills
                 6. Mapping and speed reading

d. Techniques including breathing exercises for increased focus and concentration  and attention control

e. Revision skills and revision strategies for the term and year.

f. Meta-cognition techniques including meta-memory, meta-comprehension and self-regulation

h.Note making, Mind-mapping skills

i. Memory enhancement skills, memorizing techniques, consolidation and re-consolidation methods

j. Critical thinking and problem solving

h. daily academic discipline

g. Learning to learn techniques

Learning Techniques and Examination Skills includes:

Study techniques: To empower students to raise their potential and enhance memory towards achieving their goals.
                          To enrich  their Personal Statements with their many achievements

Time management: for effective methods of working.
                            Developing time based Strategies to cover the entire syllabus and make time for revision.

Stress management: in order to work at multiple tasks at hand geared towards success at both core and extracurricular achievements helping students to remain calm and in control.

Effective guidance and mentoring: helping students to choose appropriate University and Vocational Courses and then working towards achieving the target.

Disciplined examination techniques:
Students learn the art of interpreting questions,  predicting mark schemes, writing succinct and specific answers through repeated solving of examination papers.